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Have you been Frustrated by?...

- Not knowing which agent you can trust?

- Wasting time looking for a good contact

- No replies to your emails

- A lack of updates on your shipments

- Having the feeling you are in a lose/win situation

- Unpaid invoices


Save time, connect, and grow your business, as a member of the CrossTrades Network.

Managed Network (24/7)

Yearly "Live" Conferences

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Access to African market

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We don't just care about
We care about you.
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trusted connections.

• 150+ Satisfied Members
• 25 Years Industry Experience
• Number 1 Network to
connect with Africa
• More Business generated... Guaranteed

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If you don’t generate new business through the network,
while being an active member, we will help you find out why,
and we’ll work with you to get results.

You will remain our member for FREE until you do
secure extra business thanks to being part of the
CrossTrades network.

CrossTrades, a tight-knit community

Your clients expect you to help them with their global logistics requirements. Without the ability to connect with trusted overseas agents you will continue to feel frustrated that you don’t know the right partners, continue to have problems with unanswered requests for updates and you don’t have answers for your customers.

We understand you don’t need this kind of stress in your daily life. We help you to connect with people that share the same vision and mission; offering a high-quality, trustworthy service to your clients. Imagine being able to serve your customers with full trust and confidence, no matter how difficult the challenge. They will love you for it!

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